Lituanicon - a celebration of the fantastic


Lituanicon is the oldest annual Lithuanian festival of all things fantastic. This is a place where fandom meets fantasy and science fiction, where we embrace and celebrate the literature, movies, comics and games we love.

The event lasts one day and is filled with a great number of activities for everyone: talks by foreign and local speakers, RPG sessions, jugger (yes, we jugger), competitions, a fantasy pop quiz, workshops and so on. We even have a special area for the youngest fantasy lovers, where they can play, create and listen to stories, while the parents are discussing Star Wars with other parents.

Don't speak Lithuanian? That is absolutely not a problem! There will be a lot of activities and presentations in English - we have several foreign guests, who will be giving presentations and participating in discussions. Also, most people you will encounter speak English very well, and will be more than happy to translate for you or show you around.

Admittance is free and we always try our best to make everyone feel included in the festival. It does not matter whether you can recite Silmarillion verbatim and own all the Magic: The Gathering cards or you simply really liked that movie with Batman - come by and check Lituanicon out. We are certain you will have a fantastic time! :)

This year, Lituanicon will take place on the 5th of May in Vilnius, at the College of Social Sciences (Socialinių mokslų kolegija, Kalvarijų str. 137e).

(Photo: Dmitrij Kundratavichius, Lituanicon XXVIII)